Write a Powerful Novel Proposal: Launching Today!

May 4, 2010Write!

Today I’m launching a new product on my website called Write a Powerful Fiction Proposal. (Scroll down; it’s below the Nonfiction proposal tutorial.)

For you novelists out there seeking publication, you may ask yourself, why would I need a fiction proposal? Don’t I just need a synopsis and three sample chapters? 

My answer: 

Since today’s fiction acquisition market has become increasingly competitive, publishing houses are not only interested in stunning stories—they’re looking for saleable stories, ones that will garner a greater market share.
How do they know if your novel could be that book? Through a skillfully wrought proposal. The kind of proposal that woos acquisition editors and marketing folks alike. The kind that stuns the publishing committee and lands you an advance. The kind you send to an agent, and the agent picks up the phone, dialing your number…
I will help you write that proposal. 

Here are some of the benefits of the product:

  1. Over 75 pages of content, including teaching, real-life samples, and templates
  2. A detailed overview of the 10 parts of a fiction proposal
  3. Actual novel query samples that sold
  4. The nuts and bolts of writing a synopsis plus examples
  5. Special feature: how to write an attention grabbing first page, with checklist and examples
  6. 3 actual proposals
  7. Checklist of common grammatical/formatting/usage errors (good to use in any writing project)
  8. Once your manuscript is finished: a fiction pitfalls checklist
  9. A blank template to easily create your own proposal in Word

Please pass this information on to your critique group and novelist friends who are struggling to get published. I would really appreciate it. The launch is today!

And for those of you who write nonfiction, there’s a proposal tutorial for you as well. It has many of the same benefits as above, but is exclusively for those who write nonfiction It’s the first product here.