Would we notice?

May 24, 2005Find joy today

Consider this quote:

“I think there’s a danger spiritually, for many of us, that if God packed up and left town today we might not notice until tomorrow, or worse. We have strategies and structures that can easily bypass the Holy Spirit, strategies for funding, strategic ways of prioritizing time and advancing the kingdom which were ignored completely by Jesus. He allowed the woman with the issue of blood to divert His 911 call to a dying girl’s bedside. He never established a Bible school and never even thought of a name for His ministry. He prioritized people without influence, offended those with power, and apparently missed major ministry opportunities in order to picnic and pray” (Red Moon Rising, by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts, p. 30).

This quote hit me. Right in the middle of my piety. While I don’t disdain organization or strategy, I realized that much of my life has been about planning to minister, rather than connecting myself to the One who Ministers life. How I long to be so near Jesus that my life reflects His–that I dare to elevated the unelevated, that I do what is counterintuitive for the sake of that which is kingdom-intuitive. I guess it all boils down to following Jesus, walking in His dusty paths, knowing His heart for the people in this world.

It’s setting aside agenda for relationship. It’s staying near to Him so I can hear His whispers. It’s letting Him order my day, my spirituality, my heart.

What does the quote from Red Moon Rising say to you today? How does it impact you? If Jesus were to move, would you notice?

I shudder to think of how often I’ve let Him walk on by.