You are worth loving, and your life is worth living!

Let me ask you this: WHAT MAKES YOU WORTHY?

Hint: It's not how you look, what cool things you do, or how many people follow you on Instagram. 

In WORTH LIVING, you'll learn how to be set free from:

Those constant, needling thought that you're unlovable. (That's a lie!)

The belief that your past tragedies always, always define who you will become. (You can be set free!)

The paralyzing fear that your worth is based solely on how you look. (Hint: The world's measurement is NOT your standard!)

Your overwhelming insecurity that steals your confidence. (Oh how we all need to be set free of this noose!)

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"Mary writes not as a spectator of life but as one who has lived it in all its broken beauty. The wisdom and grace she shares are powerful."

Sheila Walsh

TV Host with Life Today, Author, International Speaker

"With characteristic poetic grace, Mary DeMuth faces the question we all ask at some point: Am I worthy of love?"

Michele Cushatt

Speaker, Podcast host, author of Undone

"Mary's beautiful, strong words are a healing balm to a desperate heart, a soothing song to a woman who has spent far too long doubting her true worth."

Erin MacPherson

Author of more than ten books, including the Hot Mama Series

"Mary DeMuth leads us into the presence of God through transparent lyricism. This book is an embrace for anyone who longs to be known."

Emily T. Wierenga

Founder of the Lulu Tree, author of Atlas Girl

"Mary's stories, coupled with God's truth about who he created you to be, serve as a powerful weapon against the lies we believe about our identity."

Kris Camealy

Founder:, author of Holey, Wholly, Holy


Mary DeMuth is the author of over 30 books. As a sexual abuse survivor who walked through a painful childhood, she has battled issues of worth her whole life. She comes to this book not as a triumphant victor, but as a fellow pilgrim in the journey to discover and feel God's wild, outrageous love. Mary speaks around the world about God's ability to re-story a life. She's wife to Patrick of 25+ years, mom to three adult children (and two dysfunctional cats), and she makes her home in Texas.