Worth Testimony 1: Tammy


Today is the official launch day of Worth Living! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing testimonies from my launch team for the next few days. If you’d be so kind, please share a comment to encourage the bravery of these amazing folks.

Also, if you’re curious about the book and want to know more about it, you can read a free chapter by clicking the button below.


A little tidbit about the book

I wrote it out of my own weakness, my struggle to believe my own worth. I realized I’d been not only believing lies about my worth, but that those lies had become firmly entrenched, so much so that I lived as if they were true. It’s been an important journey for me, a messy one, but I’m grateful to share with you my own journey toward being joyful in my own skin. I want that for you too.

And now onto today’s testimony: Tammy Kasarek.

Isn’t she amazing?
Tammy Karasek's photo.

She writes, “Oh my! I have been reading this book that I have had the privilege to receive an advanced ebook of. Let me tell you, I have highlighted the daylights out of the pages on my iPad while reading this! This book brings to light so much of the “secret” stuff that happens in church where we are told to keep it quiet. No! This stuff is happening and needs to be addressed. Our lives are worth living. Our experiences are worth being heard for true healing to happen. I totally recommend you buy the paper edition, you’ll be highlighting and re-reading it again!”

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