Worth Testimony 8: Jeanette

May 13, 2016Worth Living

May marks the official launch month of Worth Living! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing testimonies from my launch team for the next few days. If you’d be so kind, please share a comment to encourage the bravery of these amazing folks.

Also, if you’re curious about the book and want to know more about the ten lies and ten truths it talks about, you can get free printable cards here. (And a free chapter of the book). Just click the button to learn more:


A NEW insight about the book

My insecurity mounted as I wrote the chapter on insecurity. Ironic, huh? Thoughts like, Who am I to write about this? Shouldn’t I be more secure first? But I’ve found that writing from a place of struggle brings legitimacy to the journey. None of us has all of this stuff perfectly figured out. I’d be a liar if I said I was 100% secure all the time. It’s part of living on this crazy earth! But I do pray that you’ll glean some new insights from the insecurity chapter.

And now onto today’s testimony: Jeanette Levellie

What a great picture!
Jeanette Levellie's photo.

Jeanette writes, “In her newest book, Worth Living, the gutsiest writer on the planet, Mary DeMuth, writes, ‘Why would someone who struggles so much with worth write a book about it? Maybe it’s so I can come alongside you as a friend, as a fellow worth-struggler. Maybe it’s so I can let you know what’s been helpful to me. Truth? Way deep down I don’t feel I’m worth taking time to take care of. I don’t tend to value myself, so I can’t sustain those small choices that lead to big change. I don’t think I’m worth all the fuss. So I sit here writing this book asking God to help me see I’m worth it. And I’m asking the same for you. We are made in the image of an amazing, spectacular God. And He cherishes and adores us. He wants us to be kind to ourselves so we can be optimal on this earth.’

This is what has always endeared Mary to me. As I read her stories of wrestling with lies from Satan about her value, then the truths from God’s word that spring from those wrestling matches, I think, I knew that—I just needed to hear it in a fresh way. Mary does that for me. She freshens my outlook, so I’m gazing at Jesus more and my problems and self less.

If you’ve ever doubted your reason for living, if you’ve wondered why God would want you in his family after all your mess-ups, even if you have a fairly healthy self-image that just needs freshening, you will grow from Worth Living.”

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  1. Ayla

    Great summation of the book. The lies are deadly aren’t they? Praise God He breathes new life into us with His truth. I also agree that this book is for everyone; regardless of their worth meter.

  2. Mary DeMuth

    Jeanette, thank you for delving into the book, and offering this feedback. So appreciated. Humbling!

  3. Trisha Mugo

    Janette, I enjoyed your review of the book. I feel the same way! I’m praying for you and me both, that our infinite worth to God sinks in!