Worth Testimony 5: Holly

May 10, 2016Worth Living

Welcome to the official launch month of Worth Living! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing testimonies from my launch team for the next few days. If you’d be so kind, please share a comment to encourage the bravery of these amazing folks.

Also, if you’re curious about the book and want to know more about the ten lies and ten truths it talks about, you can get free printable cards here. (And a free chapter of the book). Just click the button to learn more:


A NEW tidbit about the book

When I write a book, I typically experience spiritual warfare around the time of writing, editing and the book release. So I would really appreciate prayer as this book on worth launches. I’m anticipating some worth-stealers coming my way! Thank you so much!

And now onto today’s testimony: Holly Alexander.

What a great picture!

She writes, “‘Maybe I stand here to be loved. Maybe you stand here to be loved. Maybe the point is to sit at the feet of Jesus and rest there, not striving, not pushing, not jumping up and down, not rebelling to be noticed, not hollering. Just sitting at his feet, practicing our worthiness before the One whose worth outshines the stars.’

Probably my favorite quote from DeMuth’s new book, Worth Living.

Yet so many of her words touched my heart. I don’t know where to begin but many of the things DeMuth shared about feelings of unworthiness is so where I’m at. Indeed we are all “cut from the same humanity cloth”. We are all connected.

Maybe my mind lies. Maybe my past no longer defines my worth.

Maybe it isn’t true that I need to look perfect…Juggle well…Never fail…Please everyone…Stand out…Shrink back. I’m not that scared little girl who felt like such a bother. I still feel like a bother.

Oh my goodness, I’m just so tired and I’m falling apart and my anxiety is immobilizing me and this book so spoke to my heart. I needed to read the words about facing my past and finding my truth—that I’m am worthy just because I am a child of God. I am “wildly loved”, “chosen”, and “weakly strong”. I am a “redemptive story”.”

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  1. Judy Baxter Schaap

    Holly, thanks for sharing. Please know you are not alone in your struggle. We are, indeed, all connected. I have found a key for me to stay “uncaged” is to stay in the present and keep my eyes on Jesus to move me forward. Satan loves it when I let the crap from the past weigh me down. I love being able to rest in be “wildly loved” by my Creator! Press on!

    • Holly Alexander

      It is a beautiful thought to be “wildly loved” isn’t it! And yes, I am not alone, we are all connected. I also love the thought of being uncaged, I’m not quite there yet but working on it and as you say, pressing on.

  2. Mary DeMuth

    Great words here, Holly. Thank you for interacting so authentically with the book.

    • Holly Alexander

      Ayla, yes! we are all wildly loved just as we are.

    • Holly Alexander

      Thank you Mary, it’s an honor ?

  3. Ayla

    Holly, I can so relate to your experience of Worth Living. The truths in it were mind blowing to me too. I’m so glad they freed you from the burden of earning your worth through things that are fleeting as opposed to accepting it from & resting in our unconditional God. Mary, continuing to pray for your covering friend ❤