Worth Testimony 11: Ayla

May 19, 2016Worth Living

May is the official launch month of Worth Living! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing testimonies from my launch team for the next few days. If you’d be so kind, please share a comment to encourage the bravery of these amazing folks.

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A NEW thought about the book

Right before Worth Living released, I experienced a test of worth through a broken relationship. My friend D’Ann really helped me see my growth. “Normally, this kind of pain would have sidelined you,” she said. “But this time I see growth.” Sometimes we need friends outside ourselves to perceive our growth for us. I’m so grateful I’m growing in this area! My prayer for you is that you’ll begin to see growth in the area of worth, even when you experience relational heartache.

And now onto today’s testimony: Ayla Starr

She is lovely!







She writes, “Worth Living. As I close my eyes and think of the powerful implication of these two simple words, I am overwhelmed. I carry a long history of rejection and unworthiness rooted in childhood sexual abuse. While God has brought monumental healing and freedom in those broken places, the remnants of unworthiness and rejection still plague my fragile heart from time to time.

As I began reading Mary’s book, healing truths about God’s love and acceptance of me washed over my heart. These are not one time truths either. As people living in a world that constantly measures and challenges our worth against the various facets Mary walks us through in her book, we desperately need encouraging words to remind us of His unfailing approval of us every single day.

In this book, Mary is so intentional to not throw Christian clichés or scriptural quips at us but instead walks with us on a journey to settling our worth in Jesus once and for all. This is a journey she is well acquainted with, having struggled with her own worth as well. That is what makes this book so fresh and so real.

She is transparent about her struggles in this area with real life examples that make you gasp and exclaim “That happened to you too?” or “Wow I’m not crazy after all!” Although every chapter has had a profound impact on me with groundbreaking truths such as I am loved, secure, beautiful, accepted, approved of; & I am more than my career, the money I earn, the actions of my children & the things I accomplish; the chapter that traveled to the core of my soul was Chapter 8; I Am Chosen.

Like Mary, I too have longed to be chosen by others. I have often felt like the donkey in Shrek, jumping up and down while screaming “Pick me! Pick me!” Her words in this chapter brought some sense of peaceful normalcy to this need given we have similar histories. Her affirmations that we are chosen by God, the Only One Who matters; brought clarity, perspective, & a resounding hallelujah that I can rest in Him no matter who chooses me on earth.

I also found it profound that in order to combat feelings of not being chosen, we should be intentional about choosing others. This creates a healthy distraction from focusing on ourselves to focusing on those that have been forgotten. I cannot emphasize how this chapter and really the entire book transformed my thinking in so many ways that I will return to it over and over again to gain strength and receive encouragement. If you are looking for words that will embalm your unworthiness wounds, dress them with healing truth, and nurse them to full recovery with practical advice; Worth Living is definitely the book for you.”

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  1. Ayla

    Thank you for allowing me to share on your blog today Mary. Beyond privileged to be a part of the launch time & be a part of your life. Your book has changed my life & so many others lives; praise God for His gift in you. God bless you <3

    • Mary DeMuth

      Thank you for your part, Ayla. You’ve been a blessing!