Apply for the Worth Living Launch Team

I’m looking for a few women (yeah, sorry guys, but this is a book written exclusively for girls) to help me launch my upcoming book, Worth Living.


The launch team has been selected!


  1. Shanls36 March 31, 2016 #

    I have also submitted my application to be a part of your team. I pray God’s continued blessings to you and your family.

  2. Laura Haines March 31, 2016 #

    Application submitted. Love encouraging you in what you do. <3

  3. ffpaws March 21, 2016 #

    I am so in love with this bird image for a coloring page can I please get a copy of it for my own personal use for stress relief?

    • Mary DeMuth March 21, 2016 #

      It’s not mine. It’s part of Google Forms. You can go to Google Forms and select it there.