Worry Profits Nothing

Jan 7, 2013Heal from the past


Worry made me sick last week.

It stole a day from me, leveled me, and funked me.

It profits nothing. It only takes joy, settledness and peace of mind. It makes us fret for tomorrow, paralyzing us today. It makes us make rash decisions based on fear rather than faith.

We’re told not to worry throughout Scripture. Worry means we truly don’t believe God is sovereign. Worry means we think we have to be the solution to all our problems. Worry puts way too much pressure on us and takes our eyes off God.

I’ve worried about finances lately (surprise, surprise), and it’s immobilized me. Instead of letting the worry drive me to prayer, I sunk into myself, preferring wallowing and fear to handing the whole mess over to the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Worry makes me sick. Worry steals. Worry emaciates my relationship with Jesus. It keeps me stuck in my head.

Which is why I’m grateful to my husband who listened to my long list of worries, redirected me back to Jesus, and helped me re-see the issues with faith glasses. I left our conversation finally free, not longer strapped by worry.

So here’s my assignment for you today (if you’re worrying): Find a friend or spouse and share it all. Pour out what is stuck inside you. Worries have a way of isolating and festering. Set them free so another person can help you digest them. And then pray. Give up your worries to Jesus. He can handle them. He is big. He runs the universe without your help anyway.

Q4u: What worry plagues you today?