The Word that Stopped my Heart


A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend in the publishing industry. He’s a veteran of publishing, a few years my senior. We caught up. We talked shop. But then he asked me what he could pray for.

“Pray for my discouragement in this industry,” I asked.

(And he must’ve prayed like the dickens because, whoa, how things have beautifully turned around, both circumstantially and in my  heart.)

He looked at me, then said four words that changed me. “You are a treasure.”


That word, it reverberated through me. My heart leapt in that way it does when I feel like I’ve heard holy words, and my feet stood on holy ground. I felt that inkling from the Lord that I was to not only listen, but to pay rapt attention, and continue to think on that word.


We finished our lunch, and he went on his way.

But that word kept messing with me, in the best way, actually.

I thought of the parable of the man finding a treasure in a field, then selling all he had to purchase the field. I knew that was a picture of the kingdom. Jesus is that treasure, and we sacrifice everything for that kingdom treasure.

But the Gospel also reverses the parable, doesn’t it? Jesus doesn’t ask us to do what He hasn’t already performed. The Gospel is Jesus finding a treasure in a field (people in the world), selling everything (He left heaven, became a person, sacrificed his life, paid the price) to obtain the treasure–our salvation.

I don’t want to make the Gospel about me. Of course Jesus is the highest possible treasure. The world doesn’t spin on its axis for me, nor did I have anything to do with its rotation. But so many times, I forget the beauty and audacity of the gospel. That Jesus died for us–a crazy bunch of sinners. He risked it all to bring His kingdom to earth.

In this way, He treasured me.

Say it out loud with me, I am treasured. I am a treasure. I am valued. I am wanted. I am sacrificed for. Jesus gives me worth.

I don’t know about you, but I need to remember that truth this Monday morning. How about you?

SIDE NOTE: The Restory Show will start its fifth season on February 12th. We’ll have a bonus episode next Monday where I’ll announce something exciting, so stay tuned.