Women scare. Women’s care.

Mar 6, 2013Find joy today


So women scare me. Irony, though: I have healed through women’s care.

Sarah is inviting folks to talk about their favorite women, the ones who have poured into us. She offers the invitation to you, here on her blog. Click over and take a looksee. Link up.

To be honest, quite honest, women have scared me for a long time. Sometimes they still do. I’ve disclosed secrets and had them flung everywhere-ward. I’ve had women speak death-words behind my back and to my face. I’ve had turncoat friends. It makes a girl want to run 1000 miles away from my own kind. Scare!

And yet. Care.

God uses amazing women to heal me in so many ways.

I think of my dear friend Susie Larson who texted me this Sunday after God woke her up and whispered a word about me (and my need for rest). And my friend Dena Dyer who absolutely confirmed the same word in an email to me. (God, You are being so very clear about rest. I know I need to!)

I think about Sandra Glahn who I cherish. The words we share back and forth are sacred, healing, and deep.

Or Sarah Markley and Lisa Whittle who I love so much and who are women of authentic truth in every possible way.

I think of my literary agent who cheerleads me when I’m absolutely ready to chuck this whole publishing gig.

I remember my friend Stacey Tomisser who is the coolest business owner I know, so creative, so godly, so real. Her words to me have utterly, truly changed the course of my life.

And Life Sentence, my critique partners, Anne Mateer and Leslie Wilson. Talk about doing life together. Every week we meet, pour our hearts, and read each other’s words. Those two pray. They lift my hands when I can’t lift them anymore. They are THERE. So very there.

I remember an incredible conversation with my friend Judy Douglass who helps me think of the world in a wider, broader way.

And then there’s Holly Schmidt who prays circles (and squares and oblongs) around my life. This woman PRAYS. And she walks deeply with the Lord.

I resonate so with my friend Liz Babbs who reminds me to connect deeply with Jesus and slow down (there’s that theme again).

I fear I’ll leave someone off. But this is not an exhaustive list. It’s the part of a great cloud of witnesses Jesus has graced me with. I’m humbled by the depth, power, joy and wisdom of these amazing women. And I’m a different person because they’ve rubbed off on me in so many Jesus ways.

So thank you, Susie, Dena, Sandra, Sarah, Lisa, Esther, Stacey, Anne, Leslie, Judy, Holly, Liz. You have enriched my life. You have shaped my relationship with Jesus. You WEREN’T scary. And through your prayers, conversations, grace and love, you have been agents of much needed healing in my life.