Win 150 Conversation Starters!

Dec 17, 2007Archive

Want to connect with your kids every single day, but don’t know how? Why not start a conversational revolution tonight? Straight to your inbox, ready to print and cut out, you’ll receive 150 life-delving questions to ask your kids around the dinner table. Think it’s too corny? Click here to read a sample. Cost is $5 bucks and you can order it here.

Here’s how we use them: Each child takes a turn drawing a question (one per night). He/she reads the question and answers it, then we all answer after. So, one question, five answers. I’m sure they could be used many different ways. Mine are cut up and placed in a lidded box on our dining room table.

But, hey, five bucks is a lot of money this time of year, isn’t it? Why not get them for free! I’ll give away five free sets (in PDF form) to the most creative commenters who come up with the most interesting table conversation question. So put those thinking hats on and create a question that’ll stun and amuse me. (Example: If you could be a giant insect capable of taking over the world, what would you be? And what would you do once you took over the world? Make peace? Give away food?)

I’ll announce the winners December 20th. Comment away!!!