Why you should attend the re:write conference

Nov 3, 2011Write!

Well, of course it’s because I’ll be speaking there! And we can meet and hang out and laugh and dance (well, probably not dance.)

I’m really excited about this event because re:write is not a typical conference. It offers something for any writer who wants to make a living at writing. It thinks outside the publishing box. It helps you reimagine your writing career, whether that be creating ebooks, finding a publisher or becoming your own. You’ll hear from leaders in the industry, and successful writing entrepreneurs.

Recently the New York Times ran an article about the changing face of the writing business, about Amazon becoming its own publisher. Here are some highlights from the article:

  1. Amazon will publish 122 books this fall in a variety of genres in print and ebook formats;
  2. This move is terrifying publishers;
  3. Big names being enlisted – self-help author Tim Ferriss and actress/director Penny Marshall slated for releases;
  4. Amazon now giving access to Nielsen BookScan numbers;
  5. The Amazon approach does not involve advances, but is viewed as partnership since their financial success is tied to that of author in ways traditional publishers don’t have;
  6. Amazon publishing creates opportunities for grassroots movement for promotion.

Why this solidifies the need for a conference like re:write:

  1. The landscape of how publishing is done is changing constantly.
  2. More and more people will be moving away from pursuing traditional publishing contracts. BUT, how do they know they are making the right choices for their products without expert advice?
  3. DIY publishing is becoming more and more accepted, with less stigma attached. Quality products are available and wide-spread marketing is possible without big corporation involvement. BUT, are they creating their best manuscript and maximizing the opportunities for promotion when flying solo?

re:write will help you hone your craft, understand each publishing option, market it well, and make a living as a writer. If you’re interested, we’re offering a 10% discount until December 31st. Simply put MaryDeMuth in the discount code box.