Why Truth is Beautiful: 20 Reasons

Feb 21, 2010Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

I’ve had a flood of reader mail, which has really blessed me. It occurred to me that honest, authentic writing changes folks. Truth, raw and redemptive, sets people free. Culled from my inbox, here are twenty reasons why Truth is beautiful:

  1. When we tell the truth about our stories, others don’t feel alone anymore.
  2. When we share our foibles in light of God’s truth, we realize we are small but God is big.
  3. The beauty of redemption shines all the brighter on a dark canvas. (So saying it like it is doesn’t negate God’s intersection, it highlights it.)
  4. Telling or writing the truth frees us and others from the people-pleasing trap.
  5. When we share our stories, we give others the chance to grieve their own in an open way. Truth opens up emotions we once thought buried.
  6. The truth, when written humbly, shines the light on people’s sins in an invitational, grace-oriented way.
  7. Truth helps us be accountable to our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  8. Truth obliterates the power of sin in my life when I share it.
  9. Being an authentic communicator invites others into shared community.
  10. Writing or telling the truth makes us real and it strips us of a performance-based Christianity.
  11. Truth rips down masks (in the best possible way).
  12. When we point to truth, we remember that Truth personified is Jesus. 
  13. When we speak the truth in love, we show a friend that we genuinely care. We’re willing to risk a temporary lapse in relationship for the sake of our friend’s better good and holiness.
  14. Telling the truth is spiritual warfare. Since Satan is the father of lies and speaks lies as his native language, truth-telling renders him speechless.
  15. Truth is refreshing.
  16. Truth is contagious. When you share it, you invite others to follow you. You can start a revolution of disclosure.
  17. People trust a truth teller.
  18. If you’re passionate about something, being truthful endears you to your audience. They trust what you’re saying and are more apt to join you in your passion.
  19. Telling the truth is safe. You don’t have to worry about contradicting yourself or trying to remember who you told what to.
  20. Being a truth teller helps you look yourself in the mirror and not be ashamed.

What about you? Why, in your opinion, is truth beautiful? (And why are lies destructive?)