Why re-story?

Nov 18, 2015Kingdom Uncaged

So you might be wondering why things look new around MaryDeMuth.com. I’m grateful, so grateful for this journey God’s taken me on in the last six months, and I want to let you in on why everything’s changed.

Late spring, early summer I began to feel restless, a bit unsettled in my heart. I loved “live uncaged” to no end, but I felt that God had done something even more in my healing journey. Yes, absolutely, He uncaged me. But around this time, I felt like God was stirring the nest, encouraging me toward the Next. And the next involved the kingdom of God.

We are not healed in isolation.

We are healed to become healers.

Right around that time, I received an email from a reader. In it she said that she saw me moving “from victim to carrier of light.” I loved what she wrote so much, I made those words into a banner I display prominently in my office.

It is true for me as it is true for you. Jesus changes us dynamically from victim to one who brings light to others. There is a forward momentum to this kind of perspective.

This summer the rest of the puzzle of what God was saying dropped into place, almost poetically. I knew that I needed to hone my speaking message, so as I did, the idea of re-story came. Many of us have hard stories, and those stories seem to be indelibly marked on us. And yet, Jesus intercedes. He restores AND re-stories us, transforming our tale of woe into an epic of Whoa. You can see the progression of the idea here:

As I prayed about this idea, I clearly saw God re-writing my own story on a new, fresh piece of paper. And then the paper became an airplane that projected forward into the world.

This site is also called restoryme.com. I had the privilege and opportunity to work with my coder to bring this idea to fruition, even producing all the graphics myself. It’s the most “me” site I’ve had.

As my gift to you, I have a free ebook that brings fresh light onto your re-story experience. You can read more about it here.

I’ll have more to say about this shift in perspective. I’m grateful. I’m humbled. I’m expectant. I’m in a good place, considering how a group of re-storied people will venture forth into this world and share the beautiful story of restoration. Will you join me?