Why I love people

Sep 18, 2010Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

I guess it boils down to fascination.

I’ve been told I’m a connector. And maybe that’s true. But I just love getting to know people. To find out what makes ’em tick. To ask great questions and keep asking until I find out their passion, their verve, their hopes for the future.

And even though it’s hard sometimes, I am fascinated by people’s stories. Even when they don’t turn out so well. Because I love to see resilience and how people cope with difficult circumstances. I love to see them triumph too.

I love to pray for people. One on one. I love to hear the cry of someone’s heart, then partner alongside in prayer. To ask Jesus to be near and close and real.

I enjoy connecting one on one, then taking two strangers and introducing them. I love seeing new relationships form.

This still surprises me. Because like you, I’ve experienced angry people, smothering people, vindictive people and the like. You’d think I’d give up on them altogether. Had it not been for Jesus’ infectious love for me I don’t know that I could continue this fascination. But He loves. Oh how He loves. And when He walked the earth, people found Him irresistible. They just wanted to be near Him.

And He wanted to be so near the people He created that He stooped low to the earth to embody humanity. To ask great questions. To love those who would betray and those who would love. Because Jesus is fascinated by people, I think it must rub off on me a little bit.

For that I am thankful.