Why I Love Jesus 50 Reasons (and counting)

Feb 18, 2009Heal from the past

Let me count the ways:

  1. He showed me how to live. (And oh, how I wish I could walk in His sandals better.)
  2. He loved the unlovely–including me.
  3. He personified tenderness and strength.
  4. He saw fit to rescue me from despair.
  5. He cherished children.
  6. He risked.
  7. He obeyed.
  8. He walked dusty streets, experienced hunger, and gave Himself away. Every day.
  9. He defied the natural laws of physics. (Walking on water, anyone?)
  10. He sees me in the darkest places.
  11. He blessed the meek and those who longed for righteousness.
  12. He wasn’t staunchly religious, but He loved His Father.
  13. He healed lepers, but more than that, He touched them.
  14. He entrusted His mission to us. (How humbling).
  15. He bore fruit and instructed us to do the same.
  16. He did ordinary things–fished, ate, hung out, chatted.
  17. He gave His life willingly, but struggled also.
  18. He defeated sin and death and the devil’s schemes.
  19. He multiplied food.
  20. He intercedes for us today, sitting at the right hand of the Father. I can think of no better intercessor.
  21. He was the smartest genius who ever lived, but He told simple, yet profound stories.
  22. He laughed.
  23. He cried.
  24. He got angry.
  25. He thirsted.
  26. He hungered.
  27. He rebuked waves.
  28. He embodied servant leadership.
  29. He wasn’t concerned for His own reputation, only the reputation of His Father.
  30. He scared away screaming demons.
  31. He gave words to the silenced.
  32. He opened the ears of the deaf.
  33. He caused the lame to walk and the blind to see.
  34. He loved poor people.
  35. He embodied, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
  36. He found me, healed me, set my feet on a rock.
  37. He was irresistible.
  38. He loved the crowds with compassion right down to each and every person.
  39. He crossed over cultural barriers.
  40. He empowered the weak.
  41. He praised those who others would overlook.
  42. He preached an upside down kingdom where the first are last, the last first.
  43. He saw my utter neediness, my emptiness, and filled me full.
  44. He became my Daddy when I had none.
  45. He perplexed the proud.
  46. He confounded those who were wise in their own eyes.
  47. He helped widows.
  48. He beautified everyday life.
  49. He got blisters, I’m sure, as he walked the roads of Palestine. All for you and me.
  50. He who made the earth and everything in it stooped to become a human so He could empathize with our weaknesses.

Oh, how I love Jesus. I bet you could count the ways, too. Feel free to add to this list. Maybe we could reach 100 today. Or 1000.