Why I Changed My Website (again)

Feb 1, 2013Find joy today, Heal from the past, Work Uncaged

joyebook2You may be noticing things have changed around here. It seems like I’m always kicking the tires and rearranging the furniture. But this change is not capricious. It’s a direct result of getting feedback.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of speaking with Kevin Miller of Free Agent Academy about my career and where I was headed. He clicked over to my website and said, “I really like live uncaged, but I’m not exactly sure what it means specifically.” Later, when I attended my mastermind retreat, folks said the same thing. I took this as a strong hint that something needed to be clarified.

The masterminds also felt like they needed to see my face above the fold of the website, that my smile communicated something text couldn’t.

Because here’s the truth. Jesus has made me smile. He’s healed me, rejuvenated my  heart, and given me impossible joy. My friend Randy Ingermanson, along with some wordsmithing from the other masterminds, blurted out “impossible joy” and it just fit. They also felt “live uncaged” sounded prescriptive, as if I were telling you what you had to do. Instead, they camped on life uncaged. Wanting to me more sensitive to YOUR needs, I added your because really, I want to see your life uncaged.

I had my Everything Launch team and the masterminds vote on which picture to use on the header. We wanted something that conveyed extreme joy. This picture was taken by my Dutch friend Rogier on a beach near Lisbon, Portugal a few years ago. I had to ask my friends if they felt I still looked like that. (Thankfully, they said I did. Hooray for not aging too much!) The picture is important because during the time it was taken, I was walking through the deepest pit of my life, and I bordered on depression. To see me smile is a testimony to what Jesus can do even in the hardest of circumstances.

A big hug to Mel Ann Morales for helping me solidify the banner. The main text is extremely close to my tattoo font, so it holds special meaning.557188_10150938924986300_721435946_n

I kept the uncaged bird, added the impossible joy with a forward momentum font, and retained most of the existing colors.

I’ve added a new free ebook (see the image above) to give away to my newsletter subscribers. It’s a reworking of the 13 Days to a New Heart, New Life, but in ebook form, 50 pages that’ll help you find impossible joy. Sign up here, if you’re interested.

The mastermind group also felt that when a stranger came to my site, he/she didn’t see who I was, which is really my brand. They didn’t know my story. So they suggested the picture/story that will be static on the blog so visitors can “meet” me and understand how exactly I help them.


So that’s my reasoning behind this evolution. It’s not really for my sake it all. It took a lot of work (thanks to the amazing people at Author Media who did all the tinkering), but it was worth it. Why? Because this change is for you and the many other yous who will stop by. I want you all (y’all in southern speak) to discover the secret of impossible joy, to be uncaged from the past so you can soar today. Here is me sharing a bit of my own adventure toward freedom:

Q4u: So what do you think? When have you felt the need to change things around on your website?