Why does God keep blessing me?

Oct 19, 2010Find joy today, Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

God decided to bookend my worship last night. We started with Blessed Be the Name by Matt Redman, which had been a sort of anthem for our family when we moved to France. We ended with an older song, Shine Jesus Shine that I remember so distinctly when I was a short term missionary to Malaysia. I’m not sure what that means, per se, but I felt incredibly encouraged, as if the Lord said He wasn’t yet done with us. He would continue leading us in missions. Thank You Jesus.

And then two separate women confirmed something in me I’ve sensed for some time. As a girl with outward gifts, I’ve often felt tugged toward prayer and intercession, typically very private gifts. One girl said that often insomniacs are actually intercessors, as God wakes them to pray. I certainly experienced that last night. I stayed in an agitated state, praying for someone very dear to me who is deeply discouraged. I sensed this was a spiritual battle so I prayed. And to be honest, I worried.

Another woman shared her heart with a new friend and me about some family issues. I sensed we needed to pray for her, so I did. God gave me an impression about her situation. Later my new friend said, “Mary I really think that insight you had was from the Lord.” I just love how God confirms gifts. It’s very interesting and fun and surprising.

One of the men at my table group has written a book. He inscribed it to Patrick and me as a means to encourage us. I can’t tell you how much the gift humbled me. Such a sweet gift.

I finish this post feeling profoundly blessed. Why is God so good to me?

But this can’t be about me. How about you? How has God specifically blessed you this week?