Who is Jesus?

Aug 3, 2006Find joy today

Today at Staff Conference, Alan Hirsch talked about the importance of the centrality of Jesus. He asked, “What would happen if Jesus were airdropped down into your church today?” I wonder. Then he had us list traits of Pharisees. We listed things like:

  • knew their Bible
  • regular worship attenders
  • defended the faith
  • were missional to a certain extent
  • tithed
  • fasted
  • gave alms

He asked, “how is the modern church different than a pharisee?” Hmmmm. Something to ponder. Now, Jesus also knew His Bible and did many of the same acts as the Pharisees, but it was in the execution that He differed. The whole talk made me stop and think. How central is Jesus in our church? I mean, the REAL Jesus? The radical, poor-loving Jesus? What would He do if He walked into our sanctuaries? Would we even recognize Him?