Where are you in the song?

Apr 7, 2010Find joy today

I am a scribbler on random pieces of paper. On the back of my Mount Hermon prayer, a thought came to me, so I jotted a few notes. Here’s the fleshing out of that idea.

How is your life like a verse to a song? Often it’s the verses that recount theology or a current state. Like:

Blessed be Your name in the land that is plentiful, where Your streams of abundance flow,
Blessed be Your name
And blessed be Your name on the road marked with suffering, oh there’s pain in the offering,
Blessed be Your name.

See how the verse states reality?

And then most choruses resound God’s truth:

Blessed be the name of the Lord; blessed be the name.
Blessed be the name of the Lord; blessed be Your glorious name.

It’s a repetition of praise for what God has done in the in between times, how He’s intersected our verses, our day to day lives. Often the chorus is the resounding of God’s goodness.

So my question is: Where are you?

Are you living in the refrain of beauty and sorrow? Or are you repeating praises for what God has done in those places?

There’s no wrong answer, just a state of being.

Me? I’m looking forward to the chorus, but I’m in the middle of a verse, a life lesson that feels big. I hope to get to the refrain of praise soon.