When You Feel Overlooked

May 19, 2012Heal from the past

My friend Abby Van Wormer emailed this poem to me, and I asked her permission to post it here. I have an inkling that it will bless my readers. So, be blessed.


Remind Me That You See

by Abby Van Wormer




When I feel like no one notices,


Or I sense that no one cares…


When no one pays attention,


Or there’s just nobody there…




Remind me that you notice,


That you see my every move…


Help me do what’s right,


Because I want You to approve.




When I’m fighting for answers,


Or trying to be heard,


When my voice isn’t recognized,


Or I just can’t find the words…




Will you speak on my behalf,


to people’s minds and hearts?


And will you work in my soul, too?


Because I want to do my part.




When I’m not included,


Or I’m feeling all left out…


When I’m really quiet,


But I really want to shout…




Help me to get focused,


to appreciate what You’ve given.


Remind me that you love me,


and You’re the reason that I’m livin’.




When I’m misunderstood,


Or I feel like I’m shot down…


When I can’t explain myself,


and my smiles turn to frowns…




I’ll need You more than ever,


and I’ll probably need to cry.


Will you just hold, me Lord…


until my tears are dry?




When I fail to meet my goals,


Or if I try but don’t succeed…


When I’m feeling worthless,


Like I no longer meet a need…




I just need to know You see me,


I need to know You hear.


I need to know You have a plan,


Lord, I need to know You’re near.




I need to know I’m accepted,


I want to hear Your voice.


I want to know what You’re doing,


And did I make the right choice?




So I ask that as I come to You,


You would come to me.


I ask that when I run to You,


I’ll find, Lord…that You see.