When the Spirit Whispers Your Name & Plight to a Friend

Jan 18, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

Last week I burnt out {pretty much}. I did a video taping for two straight days, which normally wouldn’t mess with me, but in this case I had no audience, so I spoke to a camera lens for hours upon hours. My brain turned to mush, and as I anticipated coming home, the tasks that faced me overwhelmed my capacity to even think straight.

I felt distant from Jesus. Angry. Alone. Pressed in on. In shoulder/neck pain.

I told my hubby I’d take the day off, but as I sat down to my computer, tasks screamed my name. So I worked. I shouldn’t have, but I did.

And in the middle of that chaos of tasks, I received an email from my friend Heidi in Mexico. She told me about a song her worship leader from their home church had written that week. She thought it might bless me. I clicked through and watched this:

And I cried. With fatigue. With longing. With joy. With pain. All my life seemed to pivot in that moment. Heidi listened to the Spirit, and He whispered my name to her. The song she sent was both a wake up call and a salve. It helps me remember that God sees, and all this effort on my part is nothing without Him.

Q4u: When has God used a friend to deeply encourage you?