What’s your biggest burden today?

Oct 26, 2011Mind if I pray for you?

As a part of my “Mind if I pray for You” endeavor, I’d like to pray for you today about your biggest burden. What presses in so hard you can’t seem to see your way around it? What captures your thoughts? What niggles at you? Please share your request (of course you can do it anonymously if you prefer) at the end of this post.

In the meantime here are some prayers for you today:

When you feel small and your problems are giants:

Lord, You are big. I feel small. But since You are big, I choose to trust You for the things in my life that seem bigger than You. Forgive me for making circumstances, relationships, struggle, and money bigger than You. Help me see You as capable, strong, and able. I rest in Your arms today. I long to hear Your whispers of love over me. Touch me with Your presence in a me-shaped way. Amen.

When your dreams feel dead:

Lord, You are the God of our dreams, our passions, our desires, our hopes. Resurrect that which is buried. Renew that which is languishing. Rejuvenate that which is stagnant. We need Your touch today. So much. Amen.

When life overwhelms:

Lord, be with my friend today reading these words. Help us know we are not small or insignificant. With You we are important, not in ourselves, but in You. Where we are feeling truly low, lift our heads. Where we are proud and stiff necked and self sufficient, humble us. When we weep, hold us. When others weep, help us hold them. When we face huge obstacles, increase our faith so we see You as bigger than the obstacles. We trust You. Truly. Amen.

Please share your request in the comments section, and I’ll pray for you.