What’s the Biggest Thing God has Taught You This Year?

Aug 21, 2012Everything book

This post is for you. I want to know what God’s been doing in your life this year. How has He remodeled you? Shaken you up? Stirred you? Instructed you?


He’s doing something way down deep. Something on the inside. A holy discontent with how things are and what they should be. I got to the place where I realized I was tired of trying to do and be so much. I was tired of running on the treadmill of author-dom. I was just plain tired.

God’s been teaching me to rest. And to let results rest in His sovereign hand. With my upcoming book Everything, I am learning to hold the outcome completely loosely. I wrote this in an update to my launch team.

Let’s ask ourselves this: How can we advance God’s kingdom through the vehicle of this book?

That’s my heartbeat. What would it matter if I sold a bajillion books but made no tangible dent in the kingdom of God? It’s meaningless outside of that.

So there’s me.

It’s your turn. What is the biggest thing God has taught you this year?