What you need: Focus & Simplicity

Jun 27, 2012Heal from the past

When I attended the Scorre conference for speakers, I came away with two words: focus and simplicity.

After my post on Friday, I think you’d agree that I took those two words literally.

I focused.

I simplified.

And now I’m praying it’s the right decision. 

Have you ever felt that way? You hear from God, then eventually you obey. Then this nagging thought comes to you and you wonder if you’ve made a dreadful mistake? So far, I’m skating along feeling quite free, but I’m not naive enough to believe it will always be that way.

My friend Keith Ferrin forewarned me in the best possible way. I have a hunch his words will minister to you. Let them set you free, give you grace, and keep you focused.

“I know that you know this, but please remember that the enemy will try to draw you back into this. Doubt will try to creep in. Doubt that says this isn’t the right decision. Doubt that says you’ve been wasting the time you DID spend mentoring. Both are lies. Hear this clearly: The Father who formed you, loves you, and gifted you rejoices over the ways you’ve served His children – and applauds the way you will serve Him with freedom and boldness because of the step you have just taken!”

Aren’t those helpful, encouraging words?

So I echo those words right back to you. Have you made a big-fat-deal decision? Have you doubted or worried? Or maybe you’re about to make that kind of life altering decision toward focus and simplicity, but you’re afraid you’ll eventually regret it, so you stay put.

Stop being afraid. Do what needs to be done. Trust God enough with your future that you know you’ll be okay. He is there waiting to hold you up. Stop running in  your own strength, jump off the cliff, and let Him handle the landing.

Q4u: What holds you back from making a life-altering decision? What will it take to have focus and simplicity in your life?