What will she be when she grows up?

Jun 14, 2010Family Uncaged

Last summer, my eldest daughter Sophie went to Accra, Ghana. She played with children, shared the gospel, and saw God answer prayers. She has a heart for those less fortunate, and she’s fluent in French. Perhaps God will use all this someday in a cool, unique way.

It’s a privilege to see her walk through these kinds of decisions, particularly as she tries to figure out where she should go to college. We’ll be taking a road trip soon to see a few more colleges. I love her faith. I love the way she says, “Mom, I just feel that I’ll know, that God will show me when I step on the campus I’m supposed to be at.”

So I walk alongside her as she prays, seeks, and loves this big beautiful world. My heart is full because hers is captured by Jesus. She wants to live a big story, and I enjoy turning the page.