What Vina Said

Mar 13, 2007Archive

Every time I read a Gospel for Asia magazine (you can subscribe for free at www.gfa.org) I am struck by something. This time it was the story of a group of missionary women who traveled by car to reach several communities.

They prayed for people who were sick. God healed many.

They prayed for people to meet Jesus. People met Jesus.

They risked their lives. They did not fear. And God changed the spiritual landscape of the villages they visited.

And then Vina, one of the missionaries, said these words that rocked my own spiritual landscape: “I am feeling very proud of my Jesus.”

How often do I exclaim that? How often do I live in such a way that ONLY Jesus could do the miracles before me? Have I micromanaged my life in such a way that Jesus can’t work? And do I live with holy anticipation at the greatness of Jesus? Am I willing, if after a spiritual victory, to redirect my praise not to myself but to the greatness of Jesus?

Oh how I want to be uttering those words every day.

I am feeling very proud of my Jesus.

I am feeling very proud of my Jesus.

I am feeling very proud of my Jesus.

Let those words roll off our tongues. Let them be reflective of surrendered, Holy-Spirit infused lives. Let them be the nursery rhyme we can’t get out of our heads, sung ad infinitum. Lord, have mercy on me. I’ve forgotten the joy of living minute-by-minute in anticipation of your greatness. I’ve forgotten how to risk. I’ve forsaken the deeper waters, preferring the shelter of my own comfort zone. Help me, Jesus.