What is life? Lord, hear my prayer

Jul 1, 2009Heal from the past

It’s been one of those busy times where I can’t seem to catch my breath. Where I’m more irritated than engaged. When I’m seeing the blue sky outside, but not reveling in it. What is life? A series of irrational to-do lists that seem to multiply like dust bunnies? Or real bunnies? Is it accomplishment? Prestige? Service? Saying stuff that makes people happy? Flattery? Smiling through trials?

I don’t know sometimes, but I do know Jesus said He would:

  • take our burdens, make ’em lighter.
  • give us abundant life
  • hear our prayers, then intercede for us
  • take care of the condemnation that haunts
  • bear our sins (oh they are many)
  • breathe the Spirit into our souls
  • shed His blood so we could be justified completely
  • give us a heavenly perspective (to live for His kingdom, not ours)

These are things that make up true life.

And somehow in the crazy-busy that is my life, I’ve neglected asking for His help.

Lord, forgive me. I’m small. Needy. Tired. World-worn. Would You bear my burdens? Would you replace my to-do-list treadmill with abundance in my heart? With the ability to truly engage with the people You’ve placed near? Lord, intercede for me. I don’t even have the words, the poetry, the lilt of language that You have, oh Author of All Words, the Word made flesh. When my condemning voices haunt and taunt, silence them with Your holy hush. Thank You for bearing me. For shouldering my darkness. Breathe the Spirit into me afresh. Help me not to quench, but welcome, to drink deeply and long. Thank You for justifying me. That there’s nothing I can do right now that will accomplish such a feat. Only You. Only Your willingly poured blood can perform such a miracle. Renew my perspective to a kingdom-minded one. Where the first are last, the master is servant, where the poor is rich. I love You Jesus. And oh, how I need You right now. Touch me. Nestle me into your heart. Sing over me. Quiet my anxiety. Oh how I love you.