What if there was more?

Feb 21, 2012Heal from the past

I just finished Jen Hatmaker‘s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. And it rocked my world. She spent seven months fasting seven things: clothes, food, stress, media, shopping, waste, possessions–each one for one month. While her story was entirely inspiring, and her voice is wickedly genuine and amazing, what niggled at me was God’s gentle prodding of me.

What if there was more?

What if my 2.4 kids (sorry Julia), 2.3 cars (well, actually 1.6 in our case) and 2.0 connected life didn’t = the life of a disciple? What if I am spending my life on what doesn’t matter for eternity? What will happen when I stand before Jesus (more like a face/body plant at His scarred and sacred feet) and I have nothing to offer Him? What if my answer to my life was: “Well, um, I lived in a nice house, in the burbs. We always had what we needed and wanted. I wrote a few books.”

But did I sacrifice?

But did I live in the footsteps of Jesus?

But did I hunger for the things of God more than I hungered for my own appetites?

But did I inconvenience myself for the sake of another?

But did I stop my tasks long enough to pray for a friend in distress?

But did I tone down my lifestyle so that others could have necessities?

But did I take risks?

Or did I manage my life so well that Jesus couldn’t get a word in edgewise? What if I deified my own growth at the expense of letting Him lead even how I grow?

I need to live in light of eternity more, to see my days as counted, to make them count. It’s not enough for me to simply continue down this easy (relatively) path.

What if there was more?

Q4u: What is your “more”? What niggles you at night about your life? If you could dare to do anything for Jesus (though you might be scared witness), what would it be?