What an influencer letter looks like

Jun 22, 2011Write!

Unfortunately because of a glitch, my influencer letter for The Muir House didn’t go out to my influencers. First off, you may be asking, What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who:

  • Reads a book and then shares about it in a variety of ways.
  • Writes reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or anywhere else books are sold.
  • Hosts a book club and chats about the book.
  • Tells everyone and their dog (yep) about the book.
  • Loves books and loves to tell their friends about good books.
  • Is BFFs with Oprah. (Just kidding. Kind of).

Here is my letter for those people who influenced for The Muir House:

June 2011

Dear Very Fun Friend who is reading my book,

I’m so thankful you’ve asked to be an influencer for The Muir House. I’m excited about the underlying message of this book: It’s a choice to walk forward even when the past is murky. Author Shannon Primicerio writes this about the book: “Willa Muir is one of the strongest 20-something characters in modern fiction. Her quest to reconnect with her past before embracing the future will resonate with anyone who has ever left loose ends untied. The Muir House is a fascinating coming of age tale with twists and turns that constantly leave the reader wanting more. It is Mary DeMuth’s finest work yet and it shouldn’t be missed. Whether young, or young at heart, you will find yourself enraptured by Willa’s determination to finally find home. In fact, this book just might lead you home too.”

If you’re moved, please consider influencing the success of this book. I’m convinced that word of mouth is what sells novels, so I’m excited about your chatter!

Some creative ideas:

  • Post a review on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Shelfari.com, Goodreads.com, Epinions.com, Libarything.com, and/or CBD.com.
  • Post your thoughts about the book on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter feed. Offer a giveaway to your online community.
  • Make influencing into a cool, giving game. Give the book to someone who’d like it, then say, “If you like it, would you be willing to buy another copy to pass onto a friend?” If your friend doesn’t like it, he/she can return the book to you and you can lend/give it again.
  • My friend Holly lends my books to her circle of friends at church. The only requirement? Each person who reads the book needs to write a note about the book on an inside page. It’s one clever way to create community.
  • Start a book-sharing revolution. Register your book at www.bookcrossing.com. And then leave it somewhere! Bookcrossing will track its adventures.
  • Recommend the book to your local book club. I’m available to chat via speakerphone (or in person if it’s near me).
  • Ask your local bookstore or library to stock the book.
  • Donate your book to a local prison ministry or women’s shelter.
  • Share the book trailer. You can watch The Muir House trailer here.
  • Give your book to a person of influence (pastor, ministry leader, counselor, radio host).

Thank you for your willingness not only to read The Muir House, but to also be instrumental in its ministry success.

With joy and thanks for you,

Mary DeMuth