Wednesday Prayer: Relationships

O dear relational God, the Three-in-One, who embodies relationship in every way. Help me to not pass by the people you place in my path today. Help me to open my heart to new folks, to not become embittered against those I know, to give freely of my time, realizing You hold every drop of time in Your hands. Enable me to love, forgive, overlook, pardon, let go.

Help me to bless when someone ceases to bless me. Give me joy when I’m persecuted. Rejuvenate me with Your Spirit so that I will minister in the opposite spirit of those who act as enemies. I want to bless, not curse. Shower grace, not judgment. But I can’t do that at all, not without Your presence. So please walk with me today; teach me the power and joy of relationships.

And most of all, thank You for befriending me. I’m forever changed and grateful.


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