Wear Truth Boldly

Aug 17, 2015Family Uncaged

I love truth.

I love sharing it.

And I also love wearing it. Which harkens me back to the 80s when Wham popularized a Choose Life T-shirt and I made my own. I love choosing life! I still do. In fact, I feel more alive today than I did in high school, college even.

I had a RED long-sleeved t-shirt (from Bono’s Red Campaign) until it became threadbare. I loved that part of the proceeds benefited those fighting AIDS.

Today I wear primarily thrift store clothes because of this sad truth about the garment industry. (Watch The True Cost, if you’re interested.) It’s my way of making sure folks aren’t exploited who are filling what’s called “the fast fashion” beast.

And hopefully, I wear a smile–a wide, laughing grin that shows others I love Jesus and He loves me. I pray the attitude I wear is equally joy-infused, born from that same life I discovered right prior to my Choose Life days.

Which is why I’m grateful to Laurel Elliot for designing truth (and life!) right into her jewelry pieces. I gifted these two stunning pieces to my daughters because I love what they represent. This first piece is called “Ibi amor ubi fides” which means “where there is love, there is faith.” The chain is delicate but beautifully detailed.

I love that it’s a little longer than normal. I especially love the detailing on the cross, how it’s substantial yet delicate at the same time.


This next necklace is for my Hebrew-reading (and loving) daughter Sophie. It’s the Shema, in both Hebrew and English.


This one has an interesting twist and a substantial weight. It reminds us all of the truth that God is One, and our responsibility is to love Him wholly, with our heart, soul, mind and strength.


No matter if we physically wear our theology or embody it, may we all seek to reveal the love of Christ every single day, choosing life, exemplifying His resurrection.

As a disclosure, I’m not an affiliate for Laurel Elliot. I figured my readers who love truth and jewelry might appreciate her handiwork.