Water Fun

Jul 4, 2005Family Uncaged

Yesterday we went to Aquatica with our team and two other families. We slipped and slid down many slides, enjoying the cool water and a break from routine. We did it to celebrate our children’s completion of one year in French schools. We are so proud of:

Sophie, who did really well in her classes this year and received many positive comments on her report card. She’s made three really great friends this year.

Aidan, who pulled through the last month of school even though he had some relationship issues. He passed his grade and did excellent in math.

Julia, who speaks more French that she will let on (we discovered this at her birthday party where she chattered on and on with her French friends). She has also passed and, as an added bonus, has been reading in French and English!

So, we splashed to celebrate our three children (and the team’s children) who are resilient beyond their years, culturally adapted, and have made it through many tearful days.

Sophie, Aidan, and Julia, we salute you!