What I Want

Oct 24, 2014Kingdom Uncaged

I want to climb to the summit of a fourteener (and not die)
I want to truly grasp God’s affection for me
I want to run (limp!) a marathon
I want to take a cooking class in Paris
I want my toes to touch the soil of Ghana and South Africa
I want to raise a garden in the country
I want to become wiser as I get older
I want to open a bakery
I want to see my kids grow up to radically follow Jesus
I want to pray more for people in the moment
I want to be fully healed from sexual abuse
I want to sleep, no longer burdened with insomnia
I want to make peace with growing older & how I look
I want to see Watching the Tree Limbs become a movie on the big screen
I want to be a better wife
I want to love my friends tangibly
I want to see Pastor Gaetan Alcegaire from Haiti again
I want to have lunch with Aldyth Thomson in Cape Town
I want to want to visit France for healing purposes
I want to speak on a Sunday morning (again)
I want to be known as a generous person, a sacrificial one
I want to laugh more, take myself less seriously
I want my life to be typified by joy and a positive outlook

That’s a long list. What do you want?