The Wall Around Your Heart

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I am SO excited to announce that The Wall Around Your Heart is ALMOST released. It releases October 15th. The best way to understand the book is to watch the book trailer:

So, what do you think? Do you have a wall around your heart? Are you afraid of stepping back into community? The book takes you on a journey through the Lord’s Prayer as a means to become whole and healed on the other end. It’s the antidote to bitterness and closed off living.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in the book:


Praise for The Wall Around Your Heart

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No matter how someone else has injured you – betrayal, abuse, abandonment, manipulation, neglect, physical harm, exploitation – The Wall Around Your Heart will be a balm of healing, because no injury is too great for Jesus to mend. If you are drowning in pain or bitterness or shock from a broken relationship, start on the first page of this book and set it down at the end healed. —Jen Hatmaker, author of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Nobody escapes life without a wounded heart, and there’s nothing Christians need more than mended hearts. As a wounded healer who has traveled the valley of deep hurt, Mary guides with unmasked clarity toward healing those relational riffs so you can experience God’s joy once again. – John Burke, author of No Perfect People Allowed

Real emotion and life-giving scripture here in Mary DeMuth’s great new title.   A voice to trust: a confident sign-post to the healing beauty that comes in Jesus.  The oldest prayer comes alive through the power of the Holy Spirit and Marys writing gift. Every page beats with life and fresh hope!  —Johnny Douglas, Anglican Pastor

One of Christianity’s premier authors has crafted a powerful healing balm for true Jesus followers. –-Frank Viola, author of “God’s Favorite Place on Earth,”

This is a fallen world. Others hurt us and we make our own bad choices. So how do we survive the wreckage of broken relationships? How do we salvage our identity when we’ve found ourselves at the bottom of the pile? Mary DeMuth knows the answers to these questions because she’s lived them. If you long for healing and wholeness after relational heartbreak, walk with Mary through these pages. She’ll help you recover your identity, learn to trust again, and find the beauty in worship amidst it all.    –Susie Larson , Author, Speaker, Radio Host

The Body of Christ is beautiful, and I’m glad to limp along with them in this crazy journey of faith. Along the way, I sometimes step on someone’s toes, or someone steps on mine. Mary has written this guidebook to help successfully navigate those seasons where I’m tempted to hold a grudge and give up on the Body of Christ. Using the Lord’s Prayer — each line — as a prompt, I’m reminded of God’s desire to heal and comfort me in each of my relationships; especially the ones in which I have been deeply hurt, and even broken.  –Deidra Riggs, writer,, managing editor,

Mary DeMuth offers here an invitation to habituate the Lord’s Prayer as a healing balm to the fractured and broken places of the spirit. Her frank and matter-of-fact turn of phrase journeys the reader through the depths of ache and up into the heights of joy. DeMuth whispers into the soul the gospel of peace, the promise of a Christ in whom all the fractured are made whole. — Preston Yancey, author of

I love how my friend Mary DeMuth uses the stories of her life to tell the stories of God’s work in our lives. She did it for me today in The Wall Around Your Heart, touching my heart with tender reminders of God’s love and grace. Mary weaves the powerful beauty of The Lord’s Prayer with the challenges of hurtful relationships and events, creating an exquisite tapestry of healing and restoration and hope.–Judy Douglass, Author, Speaker, Encourager, Director, Women’s Resources, Cru

I can’t think of a woman I know who wouldn’t benefit from the wisdom and hope to be found in Mary DeMuth’s latest book, The Wall Around My Heart. The way she mines the Lord’s Prayer for healing truths is ingenious. As always, DeMuth writes with the kind of rare authenticity that draws you in and keeps you turning pages. You can’t help but be changed by the message in this book, and you’ll never pray the Lord’s Prayer the same way again.  –-Heather Kopp, author of Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk

When people let us down—and they will—the Lord’s Prayer serves as a map on the highway to healing. In The Wall Around Your Heart, Mary DeMuth takes readers on a journey of masterful storytelling, biblically sound content, and road-tested experience to show them how. Highly recommended!   —Sandra Glahn, author, Coffee Cup Bible Studies series


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Question for you: What kind of wall have you erected around your heart? Why? How would you like to see that wall torn down?