Stop Controlling and Start Waiting


This won’t be a long post, but just a little reminder based on what I’m hearing from God. He is calling me to stop trying so hard, allowing Him the luxury or outcomes. I have been pressing and pushing and trying for so dang long. And yet, He calls me (you, us) to wait sometimes.

Fruit isn’t made in a day; it comes in proper seasons, and before it ripens, there is a whole lot of waiting. Winters of deprivation and loss precede the promise of spring. The rains of April give way to shoots of May, then ripening comes.

I wish I loved waiting. But there is something to be said about encouraging ourselves during the wait. To take courage. To remind ourselves that sitting back and listening for direction is a good thing. That rush seldom accomplishes the kingdom of God.

The psalmist gives us simple wisdom:

Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:14

Friend, it’s not what you do to make things happen, it’s what God does to surprise you when you least expect it. He operates in the margins of waiting. And when it seems like He doesn’t care or He’s completely forgotten about you, that’s when He’s working behind the scenes to bring about something you wouldn’t expect.

His kingdom is NOT:

A + B = C

There are no surefire formulas to build your ministry, find kingdom success. No, it’s simple and rudimentary, involving our waiting and listening and trusting.

So if you’re running around trying to control everything, it’s time to stop, to listen, to wait. And let God get a word in edgewise into your life. He will fulfill His purposes in you. He will complete the work He started. He will be exalted in your life. Quit trying to manufacture the work only He can create. Don’t jump ahead, and let the fruit He wants to bring into your life vine-ripen.