Voicelessness & Abundance

Apr 20, 2008Archive

What a blessing it was to minister to the ladies at Trinity Chapel this weekend. The retreat was held in a lovely setting. I truly enjoyed meeting so many godly, sweet, energized women. What a privilege it is to minister.

However, now I am voiceless. I’m speaking tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. So if you think of it, would you say a little prayer for me (and sing that song while you pray….”I’ll say a little prayer for you…”)?


On another note, one thing God continues to confirm in me is that He uses authenticity to set people free. Not that I vomit all over my audiences, but that in sharing my own struggles (which are legion), I give others permission to open up and share theirs. Authenticity (coupled with following the Holy Spirit’s leading) leads to freedom. Why? Because it involves telling the truth, and truth sets free.

The truth? I’m broken. I walk on clay feet. I have regrets. I still ache over pain from years and years ago. I have a hard time looking forward, being shackled to the past. But you know what? In that, I have Jesus. He somehow enables me to live a full, abundant life.

Abundance comes in the broken places of our lives. So often we pray for an abundant life, equating it with favorable circumstances. But you know what? I feel closest to Jesus when I’m a mess. It’s His splendid power within me that makes for an abundant life. And when I’m happy and satisfied, I forget His sweet presence. Have any of you experienced that lately?