Views from my Writing Turret

Oct 8, 2005Write!

I’ve been locked inside my writing turret this week (and for the next three weeks) as I’m finishing up a novel. One thing I’ve found very encouraging: I’m writing twice the word count I used to write and it’s much easier than I thought. Not to toot my horn or anything. It’s just cool that I can see improvement in my writing output because of my writing output. Make sense? The more you write, the more you write! The more you put into something, the more you get out of it. Enough with the cliche’s! Writers: if you want to improve your craft this year, take this advice . . .

Lock yourself in your writing turret and make yourself reach a weekly writing goal.

When I’m lollygagging and trying to shirk my word count goal, I look outside my window, and this is what I see:

This is looking out to the right of my window toward the sea. Le Rouret is a small, quiet village.


And this is looking left toward the mountains. Aidan alerted me to this sunset. Wow.


And here are my happy orange-ish mums that cheer me from my window box. The tiled roof of our single-car garage is below. To the right is a small flower garden with lots of lavender plants and an old olive tree.