Very sweet affirmation today

Jul 6, 2010Find joy today

Today a twitter friend said she heard my name on Breakpoint (Chuck Colson’s daily radio broadcast.) Since he’s highlighted two of my books already, I figured it must’ve been a repeat. But it wasn’t. He and his staff selected summer reading pics, and mine were a part.

For writers who write behind keyboards hours at a time and struggle financially, this kind of affirmation goes a long way!

You can listen to the broadcast here. Click on BP radio on the right. This is the transcript. And here is the verbiage about my books (They got the Life in Defiance title wrong, but that’s okay.)

Finally, let me give a brief mention to Mary DeMuth, whose Life in Defiance trilogy I’ve talked about twice before. She’s now wrapped up that trilogy with Living in Defiance, the poignant story of a battered wife who has to learn to understand God’s love for her. Mary also has a stunning new memoir, Thin Places, chronicling how God helped her in her own struggle to overcome the sexual abuse of her past.