Velveteen Savior

Dec 1, 2004Heal from the past

The Velveteen Rabbit taught me to be real

That being shabby was acceptable

As long as I was loved

But today my shabbiness is showing

Strings of despair hopelessly tangled

Buttoned eyes that feign sight

Stuffing of my tendered heart

Poking through my coat of rags

I am a tattered rabbit

Worn and stretched

Whole but holed

Patched and threadbare

All I can do in the land of threadbare

Is remember

That I am loved as I am

By the One who stitched me first

Who dared to step from perfection

To earth’s sodden shore

To don the distressing disguise of humanity

To welcome the torment of others’ ripping

To feel the threads of life be torn from His flesh

To become all things Velveteen

So that I could know afresh

In my shabbiness, I am loved