Uncaged Words of the Week

Dec 1, 2013Find joy today, Write!


I’ve been pondering all that I have to be thankful for and today I’m sharing some posts, videos, and pics that blessed me this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Blog Posts:


This is how I want to be. This is how I want to be remembered, as someone whispering grace and gratitude. Simply stunning post by Amy Lanham.

Grit & Glory: I adore Alece, her heart, her story, the adventure she’s been on since she’s returned from Africa. This post is about home, grief, and joy.

Christianity Today: I love this post as it debunks some myths about the poor and it calls us to all think wisely about how we view people with less than us. When I visited Haiti, I realized just how little I worked (physically) and how much many of my Haitian friends labored.


As a writer and one who loves holidays, this post by novelist Anne Mateer gave me great insight on capitalizing on both. You CAN write during the crazy busy holiday season! Proof here!

Now THIS is how a book launch party should go. Lots of people. Laughter. Friendship. Awesomeness. Fellowship. I’m so proud of my friend Sarah Bessey!


Does Twitter seem impersonal to you? I disagree (kindly, of course). Here are five ways to put kindness and openhearted living into your Twitter life. A post by Claire Diaz-Ortiz.


My Picture of the Week:


Wednesday was my mom’s birthday. I had the joy and privilege of taking one of her paintings and making it a large canvas for her birthday. It made her cry (in a good way).


My Post of the Week:


Super Black Friday Savings for Authors

You have two days to get awesome writing products at crazy-cheap deals. Write that proposal! Sell that book! Be awesome in publishing!


Videos of the Week:

I love what Paula Moldenhauer says about looking forward to your goal instead of harboring and feeding your fears.


DIY video:

This gave me HOPE, folks, that I could ACTUALLY paint my kitchen cabinets. Great, inspirational video from The Design Network.