Uncaged Words of the Week

Nov 24, 2013Find joy today, Write!


I’m sharing with you some of my favorite posts, quotes, and pics from this week. I hope you find them as encouraging and inspiring as I do.

My Favorite Blog Posts:


The Messy Middle — I love what Amy shares about the Great Wall of China and how our hearts don’t need to be fortresses like that. Amy is an excellent writer and thinker, and I think you should subscribe to her blog.

What I Learned Today — I’m a huge fan of Billy Coffey’s writing, and in this post he reminds me of who I was when I was younger, and how music intersected my heart then and now. A beautiful read.

Marybeth Whalen (novelist) highlights a quote that resonated with me deeply as a writer. All our lives become fodder for literature.


Shane Blackshear raises a compelling point about the He-man Jesus that sometimes dominates our current cultural understanding of Him. He wrote, “This is the Jesus who did not take a life, but gave it. The Jesus who rode into town, not on a war-horse, but a donkey. The Jesus who does not yell, but speaks in a still small voice.” Amen.


Thrifty Decor Chick — I think we all need the message of this post, even when it’s not the holidays. Give yourself GRACE!


Agent Rachelle Gardner offers solid advice to authors who find themselves under scrutiny for their words. A very, very helpful post in learning to let things slide…


So very helpful from Author Media about all the sizes of images that work best on each platform. Bookmark this!

When to Tackle Email. A very helpful post by Claire Diaz Ortiz about the optimum time (and manner) to tackle your inbox.


The Handmade Home — Since I have a veritable forest of Rosemary, this JOY wreath made from the herb made me think I could actually be crafty (in a non evil way) this Christmas.


My Picture of the Week:


I’m so proud of my son Aidan who is president of band. We had senior night, and my mom was able to come. We celebrated Aidan and released a balloon (as did the other senior band parents).


My Post of the Week:

DSC_0096 quote

Your Worth, Small Choices and Big Change

I’m still pondering this post I wrote, especially after I failed to make good on my promise to treat myself kindly this week. So much of positive change in our life comes from us settling our worth and understanding God’s affection for us. I write this to say, I’m a work in progress.


Quote That Blessed My Socks Off:

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” —Mother Teresa

(My daughter, Sophie, posted this on her Facebook page. Seems like Mother Teresa understood the message of my latest book, The Wall Around Your Heart.)


Final Surprise:

Not Marked is HAPPENING!!! Watch here for WHEN!!!