Uncaged Roundup

Nov 18, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

Goodbye American Christianity….Hello True Christianity by Richard Stearns. Wow. Convicting. Convincing. Winsome story of a church in Tacoma Washington loving a community in Africa. Love it.

Today, now seven years later, more than 5,000 people have become involved in one way or another. The mayor, public schools, Rotary Clubs, other churches, small businesses, judges, the head of the humane society, the Jewish community and some of the local policemen: They are all transforming lives half a world away. Pastor Curry told me, “We also engaged folks from the gay community. These were people who wouldn’t have returned my call as an evangelical leader but now they want to partner with the church.”

They achieved in five years what they expected to take 15. HIV/AIDS orphans received help. Those who are HIV positive receive care so that their children won’t become orphans.


The Grand Opening Day by Perfectly Imperfect. Because I love design and entrepreneurial folk, I adored this post. Such great photos and commentary about her very first day in her very cool design store. Go for the pictures. Adore!!!

To Matt, the love of my life, and very best friend.  I can’t even begin to imagine what opening this shop would have been like without his support and love.  To my children, for the sweet hearts…and for their learning to be giving.  For Grayson, and his help stacking paint, throwing away trash, box crushing, and so much more.  For little Ava, who liked to label stickers onto products.

We made it.

What a journey it was.  I’m resting easy knowing it’s only just begun.


Reviving the Overdrawn Life by Michele Cushatt. Oh how I hear her! Oh how I’ve been her. Overwhelmed. Overtired. Overspent. She shares her heart, then gives us practical ways to fix the mess.

Most of the time, I can function at a high level, accomplish a massive list of to-do’s. This time, however, I spent more than I deposited, pushed myself too hard without any recovery time. The circumstances demanded it, to some extent. But the cost, steep. I want to sleep. And cry. A lot.

I’m being more frank than is comfortable because I know a few of you are overdrawn as well. I’ve read your emails, seen your bleary eyes over coffee. The private side of me wants to preserve my ego, wait for a few months when I’m rested and all this is wrapped up nicely.


Sidewinder by Flower Patch Farm Girl. She’s such a beautiful writer, and I could so relate to her heart and weariness (she is dealing with hospitals too). And yet she ekes out hope in the midst of the pain. I love that.

This is just one reason why the best year of my life was one of the very worst.

I wish sometimes that my life was more take-it-easy. I wish all the time that my son wasn’t sick; that he didn’t have to miss his favorite school lunch (French toast) or Officer Janett’s visit just because he’s got a stupid rash.

I wish I could make myself believe right this minute that everything is fine. Show me some sand – quick. I want to stick my head in it.


The Gospel of Hank by Billy Coffey. I have loved Billy’s writing since I read his first, amazing book. He has a knack for capturing you with people. His characters sing off the page. And as he writes, you can see how much he loves others. Treat yourself to one of his real life characters, Hank.

He wasn’t done, either. In the next fifteen minutes, the old man had noticed the keys a customer had dropped, reminded another that his headlights were on, and squished a rather nasty cockroach.

“You have a pretty good helper over there,” I told the cashier as I paid.

He smiled and said, “Yeah, Hank’s been around forever. Used to own the place until he started getting sick.”