Typing Praise Words

May 17, 2006Find joy today

Ever get in a spiritual funk? I’ve been in one. In the infamous words of Patrick DeMuth, “I need a vacation.” We both feel the weight of working in France . . . working, working, working without a break.

I took a little break yesterday. I didn’t go to the beach, visit a friend, sit at a cafe. I worked. But my work was creating the power point for our upcoming Crossroads Gathering next Thursday May 25th. I typed worship lyrics. Odd, but as I typed, my heart lifted. Words like:

You are the King of glory
The Lord, strong and mighty


I fear no evil
for You are with me
Strong to deliver
Mighty to save


Don’t let my vision die
I’m calling out
Light the fire again

These words quickened my heart, gave me a snippet of hope that God is bigger than my circumstance, greater than my stress, larger than my worries. I’m reminded of a song I played over and over again when I was a young Christian…

God’s love is . . .
Stronger than the weight of all my sin
Deeper than the sea of doubt within
Higher than the walls that lock me in
and I’m going to trust in Him

Maybe I need to keep typing praise words instead of wallowing in the sometimes-discouraging words in my head!