Two Truths and a lie contest

Mar 11, 2009Write!

If you’d like to win all my novels autographed, consider participating in the Daisy Chain Two Truths and a Lie contest. All the instructions are here. I’ll pick the best truth-teller (or liar!) next Monday.

And for the sake of competition–not that I want to win my books, though–here are mine. Which is the lie? (And just for the record, I’m making these international, to secure my international girl of mystery status.)

  1. I learned to surf on my honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but my time was cut short by jelly fish stings.
  2. The worst pizza I had was in Holland, a pasty white crust sporting a raw egg on top.
  3. I hiked to the top of Mount Crear in British Columbia with a 75-pound backpack alongside a group of folks from Young Life. I was seventeen.

So which is the lie? Heeehehhheheee.