Two books in two days!

Mar 9, 2011Write!

Yesterday I received the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my upcoming novel, The Muir House. Here’s a little blurb: Willa Muir can’t say yes to the love of her life … until she explores her past and solves the mystery of a haunting dream. But when Willa’s desperate search unearths unthinkable secrets, her heart collapses. Can Willa shake her past to embrace a love that could finally lead her home? This book releases this summer and is set in Rockwall, Texas.

Then today I received the actual copies of the remix of Authentic Parenting. Its entitled: You Can Raise Courageous and Confident Kids. Here’s a blurb:

With sensitivity and a passion to help families experience authentic, life-changing relationships with God, mother of three Mary DeMuth reveals effective ways for parents to communicate with and encourage their kids. Practical ideas and illustrations guide parents to develop strong family connections, learn along with their children, and create a safe haven for kids to explore their worlds.

With a mentor’s skill, DeMuth shares effective ways to raise confident kids and leads parents to:

  • communicate the gospel effectively to their children in a way they will understand
  • equip their children (and themselves!) to relate successfully with others and avoid isolating themselves from those who need Christ
  • lead their families even when they don’t have all the answers

This unique resource offers everyday moms and dads the tools and encouragement they need to inspire great confidence and deep faith in their kids for all they’ll encounter in the world today.


It’s a good two days when you get to hold your books (babies) in your hands. Thank You Jesus for the privilege of writing. It’s a joy.