Twenty Years today! Happy Anniversary to us!

Dec 29, 2010Family Uncaged, Find joy today

Twenty years ago today, I said “I do” to Patrick DeMuth. I’m so glad I did.

20 Highlights:

  1. We’ve traveled the world together (here we’re kissing in the Alps).
  2. We’ve had three amazing kids.
  3. We’ve planted a church–twice!
  4. We’ve weathered a lot of transition.
  5. We’ve pursued our dreams.
  6. We’ve learned how to cheerlead each other.
  7. We’ve chosen to forgive and move on.
  8. We’ve shared our hearts authentically.
  9. We finish each other’s sentences.
  10. We laugh a lot.
  11. We’ve experienced plenty and want, sickness and health.
  12. We’ve learned the art of fighting fair.
  13. We keep short accounts with each other.
  14. We are protective of our relationship.
  15. We don’t overdo life–we like the same slower pace.
  16. We complement each other in the way we like the house organized.
  17. We actively try to encourage each other.
  18. We date (but not enough!)
  19. We are of one mind when it comes to how we raise our kids.
  20. We have great theological discussions.

Below is a sonnet I wrote my husband after we moved from Seattle to Texas, right before we moved to France. Now, back in Texas, “a place so dry,” we continue to journey.

The years we’ve journeyed through joy’s wilderness
Have brought us to a place we dared not see
From evergreens and clouds that never rest
To flattened lands where sun beats down on tree

It’s odd to think that such a place so dry
Would sprout in marriage from the loamy earth
An oak whose entwined branches kiss the sky
A testimony of God’s blessed mirth

Now unfamiliar roads we hesitate
By clinging hand to hand, we find new hope
In vista’s new, God’s grace does resonate
By weaving He in us a three-strand rope

Afraid, we do not see love’s twisting trail
Enfolding hearts to His, we will prevail