TV is about relationships

Mar 10, 2008Archive

Thanks for all of you who prayed for me, and for those of you who actually watched the show. Though, admittedly, I was nervous, I had a great time.

How it came about: I had the privilege of being interviewed by Wes Hamilton at our church. After church, a cameraman from WFAA approached me and gave me the name of someone there who might be interested in interviewing me. It worked out that I was a fit for the “Not So Perfect Parent” segment. (Oh, how true that is.)

My dear hubby drove down to Dallas with me. I dropped him off at his normal bus stop and then made my way to the studio. I had about a half hour to look over my interview. I came in, waited, met a few kid models who would be modeling clothes during the morning show, a nutritionist, a man who was an expert on the Dallas real estate market, and Gary Cogill, who is from the Pacific Northwest.

I really enjoyed meeting Paige McCoy Smith, who interviewed me. I enjoyed hearing her story and had a chance to encourage her toward publication.

They put on my mic, directed me where to sit. My new friend Renato, the cameraman, asked if I was nervous. It was so great to have a friendly face behind the camera. Though he did say, “How does it feel knowing 3 million folks will be watching you?” Um, yeah. A little nerve wracking.

The real estate expert was featured first, and I was second, so they clicked over to us, and we started our interview. Just 4 1/2 minutes, and it flew by.

I’m not brave enough to watch me yet. My marketing guy will be mad because I didn’t mention my website, though Paige was a dear and mentioned it for me. I’ve had a few emails since the show, all positive.

Thanks again for praying. I’m finding that I really enjoy TV, particularly when I get to interact with someone. Because for me, it’s all about meeting folks and starting new relationships.