Trauma MESSES with you

Feb 14, 2014Heal from the past, Not Marked

I received a message from a friend who hadn’t been sexually abused, but she had experienced the trauma of divorce as a child. She said she was learning how to heal from that, so reading Not Marked has helped her.

We survive many traumas in our lives, but we tend to minimize each trauma’s impact. We figure it’s no big deal. Other people have gone through more horrific things, so why are we to worry about our little issues?

Here’s the truth: Trauma (no matter what form it takes) messes with you (click to tweet). It changes the way you view the world, taints your reactions, and is responsible for you walling off your heart.

With that in mind, consider taking the Sexual Abuse Impact Quiz even if you’ve never been sexually abused. This is a good tool to determine how your painful past has caught up to you today. Use it as a discussion guide with your best friend or spouse or prayer partner or counselor. Consider it a road map to new healing in your life.

I don’t share it to bum you out and highlight your angst. I share it with the backdrop of hope. I actually dare to believe becoming self aware about your problems and issues is the first step to YOU becoming proactive in your healing journey. You can’t heal what you haven’t identified (click to tweet).

So be brave, my friend. Take this quiz. And begin the healing journey.


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